Eco-Friendly Hawaii Activities & Tours

Supporting the environment means taking steps to be a more sustainable traveler. Help ensure that your travel in Hawaii is as sustainable as possible by using certified tour operators.
To find certified tour operators and eco-friendly options that provide you an experience of Hawaii you will never forget begin by selecting the islands you will visit on this trip.

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What Month Are You Planning On Visiting?

In january humpback whales are everywhere on the islands. Boats must go slower and avoid approaching whales closer than 100 yards ...

Love is in the air, and so are the birds. Watch for some of Hawaii's rare tropical species.

The Prince Kuhio Festival is a cultural event to honor him for founding the Hawaiian Civic Club and being a major supporter of the Hawaiian Homestead Act of 1920.

The Merrie Monarch festival is a week long event honoring King David Kalākaua for reviving hula, the arts and Hawaiian culture which had been oppressed for decades.

When you make a lei by hand Hawaiians believe the essence of your spirit is sewn into it and you give a little piece of you when you give a lei.

School's out and it's time to hit the beaches! Be sure to use Reef Safe Sunscreen to protect Hawaii's fragile reefs.

A great way to celebrate being patriotic is to pick up trash when you see it! Love the earth and America too!

You need to reapply Reef Safe sunscreen every hour. It's super bright out there!

The Queen Liliuokalani Long Distance Outrigger Canoe Races draws crews from around the world to compete!

October isn't just for Halloween. The free Maui Ukelele Festival is held annually and isn't to be missed! Free workshops too!

The Makahiki Festival is the Hawaiian way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Turn back the clock to experience ancient food, games and sport.

New Year's Eve celebrations occur all through the islands. Be sure to ring in the new year with plenty of family, friends and aloha!

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