Whether you’re looking to sit back and relax on a double decker catamaran or a vessel that’s more speedy and agile, we have you covered.

Our catamaran tours are complemented by the first-class amenities on board our state-of-the-art, 65ft catamaran. The Kanoa II is an award winning, multi-million dollar vessel designed with quality and comfort in mind.

Our Super-Raft tours on the Kona Explorer are complemented by our 41ft vessel equipped with comfortable bench seating, tons of shade, and a restroom. Every seat on board doubles as a safe storage for your belongings so you will not have to worry as we pick up speed. This boat is equipped with twin Suzuki 350s for a fast and fun adventure, and is able to go to farther snorkel sites than most vessels.

Snorkel excursions, sunset dinner cruises, seasonal whale watches, and exclusive charters are available.


Great talks by the captain. He did an excellent job of setting the stage for our trip, describing how long it would take to get to the snorkel site, general safety, etc. When we came across a pod of spinner dolphins, he slowed down and didn’t plow right through the pod. He also gave accurate information about the dolphins and let the passengers know that they were sleeping. The PA system worked great as well!

Very impressed with the use of environmentally-friendly products, including the solar panels! Great not seeing bottled water (instead it was in a large container), in addition to biodegradable cups/plates/cutlery/etc. Kudos for locally designed and printed merchandise.

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Safety briefing at snorkel site was very informative and it was a moment when the passengers were a very captive audience. Crew member reiterated reef safe sunscreen, no fish feeding, and not stepping or touching coral. This is an excellent moment in the trip to really establish a “sense of place”, and he hit the main points. Also great to see all the reference materials (fish ID books, etc.) on display. I did see passengers flipping through them. During whale season, consider investing in some small humpback whale models (if you don’t already have).

Love the online blog posts and information that they provide. Also great sustainability statement, not to mention it is prominently displayed on the website. Continue to create posts that really explore unique aspects about Hawaii’s coral reefs and culture.

Staff was very kind, outgoing, and attentive.