Small Group Hawaii Volcanoes Tour

Explore Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the rest of Hawaii Island with Wasabi Tours Hawaii. They offer personal, exciting and unique experiences. They strive to create lasting memories with lots of stories about Hawaiian culture and local history.

Offering tours in Chinese, Japanese and Korean as well as english.


Turned off engine at every stop without fail.

Great job using reusable bento boxes. Avoiding the use of single use containers is very important and it adds a fun cultural twist to the meal. Very inventive thinking.

Good job recycling all the cans and bottles used on tour.

Could offer reusable water containers instead of single use plastics, especially since you wash the bento boxes nightly anyways.

Good job logging mileage daily to see fuel usage trends.

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Wasabi Tours Hawaii Waipio Valley
Wasabi Hawaii Tours Black Sand Beach

The information regarding the ecological and heritage of the areas visited was top notch. Informative and entertaining.

The Hawaiian history that was shared was thorough, informative, entertaining and pertinent. Hawaiian history is a spoken history and your guide truly exemplified that tradition.

Guide did a great explaining the natural areas we entered and proper behavior. Always went out of his way to get everyone the best pictures.

You have a variety of guides with a variety of expertise in a lot of fields.

Take advantage of your guides’ expertise and have them cross train regularly so they can all grow and improve and be able to provide better guest experiences.

Your reviews are top notch and zero “Terrible” reviews and the couple “Poor” reviews your management took the time to respond to. Shows a commitment to delivering great guest experiences.

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