Explore Oahu tours with And You Creations

And You Creations is a tour operator based in Oahu, Hawaii, offering exciting tours that allow visitors to connect with nature and experience the local Hawaiian culture. Our tours include Dolphin Watching Tour, Oahu Circle Island Tour, Turtle Canyon Snorkeling Tour, Manoa Falls Hiking Tour, Whale Watching Tour, Waikiki Sunset Party Cruise Tour, and Waimea Falls Hiking Tour. Each tour is carefully designed to create unforgettable memories and foster a genuine appreciation for Hawaii’s beauty and significance.

Our mission is to preserve Hawaii’s extraordinary natural environment and rich host culture by promoting responsible tourism. At And You Creations, we believe in promoting environmental stewardship, cultural sensitivity, community well-being, and knowledge-sharing during all our tours. Together, we aim to safeguard and pass on Hawaii’s cultural heritage and natural resources to future generations through education and stewardship.

Mālama ka’āina, I Hawai‘i nō nā Hawai‘i i ka ‘āina

In our commitment to sustainable eco-tourism, we practice “Mālama” on every tour, every day. During our boat tours (Dolphins and You, Turtles and You, and Ocean and You), we collect at least one piece of trash from the ocean on each trip. For our land tours (Nature and You: Manoa, Nature and You: Waimea, and Island and You), our guides carry a bag of trash to collect waste at the sites we visit. Our goal is to leave these sites in better condition than when we arrived, reducing our environmental impact and promoting a cleaner and healthier environment for everyone.

At And You Creations, we are dedicated to offering exceptional tour experiences while actively contributing to the preservation of Hawaii’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.