Welcome to Maui Surf Lessons
We believe everyone can surf. Maui is the best place to start!

Maui Surf Lessons provides high quality Private surf lessons that leave our guests smiling and more connected to the ocean environment. Instructors deliver an authentic experience teaching about wave selection and proper etiquette for surfing in Hawaii. All lessons promote a message of conservation and appreciation for nature.


Surf instructors conduct daily beach cleanups before each lesson.

We reduce our waste by using stainless steel reusable water bottles.

We contribute to our local community and provided free surf lessons and equipment to Camp Imua (summer camp for children with physical and mental disabilities).

We provide rash guards for guests to use during lessons and educate our guests about proper use of sun protection including reef safe sunscreen.

Instructors carpool in a single vehicle when working at the same location.

We utilize our surf lessons to educate the public about the marine environment, teaching guests about the uniqueness and fragility of the marine environment ensuring they do not step on the reef.

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Welcome to Maui’s Best Surf School and the best choice for Surfing Lessons On Maui! Come one, come all! Old, young, family’s, kids, teens, couples and singles have found Maui to be the ideal place to take up the art of surfing.

Beginner Surfers love the option to choose surf sports that are accessible, safe and and just in the comfort zone (or slightly outside of). Maui’s gorgeous beaches serve as a stunning back drop to what will be an adventure of a life time and perhaps the beginning of a life long love affair with the breaking waves of the sea.