Release Your Inner Mermaid

Bring your imagination to reality with Hawaii Mermaid Adventures. Explore the ocean and learn to swim like a mermaid with a certified instructor and lifeguard. Learn all about life as a mermaid, various marine animals and coral as well as mermaid mythology and sailors’ tales.


Education is key to conserving our oceans. Before entering the water, we demonstrate proper etiquette in the water and around wildlife, teach our guests how to ID native fish species, and highlight important ocean conservation issues.

We provide water during our lessons using stainless steel, reusable water bottles.

Mermaid instructors conduct “mini beach cleanups” before each lesson.

Our instructors are also Certified Marine Naturalists instructors who attend annual Hawaiian culture and marine ecology classes.

Our mermaids use reef safe sunblock as well as educate and promote the use of such products to our guests.

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Mermaid tails are all the rage and for good reason: they are a fun and exciting way to explore the ocean! With Hawaii Mermaid Adventures, learn to swim like a mermaid while creating great memories on your Maui vacation.

Your swim instructors are certified lifeguards with years of experience. They will keep everyone safe while capturing great photos too. No extra charge!

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