Join knowledgeable interpretive guides on adventures to amazing places. Fun, educational, small groups enjoy Rainforest Walks, Birdwatching, Mauna Kea Summit and Stars, Waterfalls, and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Company headquarters and outfitting store located in Kona.

Hawaii Forest and Trail was the winner of the Sustainable Tourism Association Ecotour Operator of the Year in 2006! 

Please list any additional sustainable initiatives you or your organization are currently practicing.


The reporting you did for the certification was very thorough and clearly demonstrates your commitment to sustainable practices. Your conservation and community projects seem impactful and diverse.

Your vision, mission, and values are good and demonstrate your integration of Hawaiian values and sustainability into your everyday practices. I do not remember seeing them posted anywhere, it would be good to have them in a location where employees would see them often (i.e. bathroom). In general, very good job using wall space to put up educational displays.

Congratulations on being awarded one of Hawaii’s Best Places to Work.

Love the appropriate, yet minimal, use of the laser pointer for star gazing. Care was taken not to over light areas used for stargazing and vehicles were not left idle at any of the stops.

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hawaii forest trail on road
hawaii forest trail man

Great job identifying your fleet as the largest source of impact, and constantly looking for alternatives to minimize fuel consumption and the related carbon emissions. You could look to locally derived carbon offsets (i.e. Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods) as an alternative. Also you could integrate fuel efficient driving habits into your very thorough training program (http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/driveHabits.jsp).

Guide training and continuing education is clearly a focus of the organization which results in very informative and fascinating tours leaving guests with an experience they could not have had on their own.

Your consumer research report was very extensive and highlights your commitment to a positive guest experience.

Good job using reusable dish-ware. Would be nice if you could increase your usage of locally sourced food.

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