Fair Wind Cruises offers the best snorkeling cruise on Hawaii, The Big Island.
Hawaii has some of the finest snorkel and diving locations in the world. In fact, more than a quarter of the marine life in Hawaii cannot be found anywhere else on earth. We hope you will enjoy a Fair Wind experience during your time on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. 


Great job using the supplementary pages to fully describe your various sustainable practices. It made completing the certification very easy to justify.

The use of biodiesel for your vessels is highly impressive. I’m sure many other sustainable tour operators would like to find out more information about how you implemented this practice.

Loved the use of local food, including beef and kona coffee (grown on your farm). Very sustainable to take the food waste from tours and using it as in input for your farm. I also appreciate how you mention these practices on your website so guests can see why your company stands out compared to others. You could look to source more of your continental breakfast locally, as it seemed that most items came from Costco.

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Shows a commitment to protecting natural resources by searching out Dolphin SMART recognition, despite it not being offered in the Kona region. It is good that you have decided to implement those policies nonetheless.

Loved how the walls were covered in information about the various aquatic life available and the availability of educational materials in the galley.

Great job responding to negative comments on TripAdvisor. Shows a commitment to addressing guests’ needs.

Great website and marketing materials, with lots of information about the tour, what to expect, what is and is not included. Information about your sustainable practices and marine viewing.