Unique & Scenic Coastal Snorkeling & Whale Watching Tours

Flexibility and personal attention provided during a Redline Rafting snorkeling tour allows for more interpretation and education. Their ability to reach places the big tour boats can’t and provide it all at a more thrilling speed sets them apart.

Redline Rafting is owner operated so that means your experience is based on direct, personal feedback.


Written purchasing policies, including Energy Efficiency Purchasing Policy, purchasing policy to avoid over-packaged goods and purchasing policy to buy materials in bulk and/or reusable containers, are commendable. These policies demonstrate that management supports sustainability initiatives, and also holds company and employees accountable to sustainability standards.

Snorkel tours provide wetsuits at no charge, and reef safe sunscreen (Raw Elements) for sale.

Staff removed marine debris from water during trip, and no trash was generated during whale watch tour.

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redline rafting whale watching
redline rafting molokini

Very good interpretation and great job of following proper wildlife watching guidelines around both dolphins and whales. The captain adhered to excellent wildlife watching etiquette. He did not barge into the false killer whale dolphin pod, and remained a very respectful distance from whales (>100 yds).

Website does a good job with providing guests with lots of info about different tours, locations visited, and even info about most commonly seen fish and wildlife at snorkel spots. While there is always room for improvement, you have established a strong foundation from which include additional information and expand areas like the FAQ section.

Consistently high TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews – it is evident that customers are very pleased with trips and recognize the passion of captains and crew..

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