The experience of planting a Koa legacy tree is a must for any visitor to the Island of Hawai’i.

The planting of 250,000 endemic koa trees. Tree plantings can take place as dedications, memorials, or just as a way to have a deeply authentic and meaningful experience with the native plants and animals of Hawai’i


Excellent use of current technology to limit the use of paper and plastic tagging of trees. Use of visionary techniques to better log location and data. The encouragement and support to employees from owners is proudly spoken about amongst staff.

Use of electronic off terrain vehicles minimizing impact on environment and noise pollution while in the forest.

Community and Island benefit is a priority to business.

Structures in construction support sustainability and are made with recycled products where possible. Installation of compostable toilets show effort for improving where possible.

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hawaii legacy tours trees

Beautiful display of Hawaiian are and support of cultural practices.

Excellent examples of collaboration with other local businesses to support local economy and resources.

Use of all local and homemade ingredients for guest meals is wonderful. The food given upon arrival and at lunch far exceeded any expectations had. Keep up the amazing work!