See Maui from an ocean perspective with a premier kayak, snorkel and whale watching adventure. EXPLORE the beauty of Maui, CONNECT with a spirit of adventure, and inspire a lasting RESPECT for the ocean and its inhabitants. We commit ourselves to the safety, quality and enjoyment of all our guests while protecting the fragile marine environment and strengthening our local community.

Beach and Reef Clean Ups, No Touch Policy on all Tours, Bio-Degradeable “Reef Safe” Sunblock available, Stainless Steel re-useable water bottles rather than single use plastic bottles. All guides are marine naturalist.


There is a clear commitment by your company to share both culture and ecology with guests. I loved the beginning of the tour, where they explained the HPS slogan on the shirts. I would recommend adding that slogan to your website and sharing it there too.

Great job reaching out to guests beforehand and telling them you have reef safe sunscreen for sale, or recommended having guests wear swim shirts. Also really nice how you provide reusable water bottles for guests to use while on tour.

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Your guides genuinely enjoyed their jobs, seemed excited to work for HPS, and really appreciated all the training that was made available to them.

Your guides were a wealth of knowledge about Hawaiian history and ecology, but also were willing to admit what they didn’t know and looked it up later. They also tried to dispel stories that were not true. The practice of secret shopping and sending cultural experts on the trips is a great practice.

Your reviews on TripAdvisor were fantastic, and I liked how you provided a link in your follow up email to seek feedback.

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