Cruises and Submarine Experiences

Atlantis Submarines has been sharing the magnificence of Hawaii’s undersea world since 1988 using the environmentally safe submarines that are battery powered, emit no pollutants, and quietly move through the water, disturbing no one. It’s the ultimate in sustainable tourism.

Enjoy a day full of incredible stories, great views and wonderful local guides.


Atlantis’ Sustainability Plan is excellent and very thorough, matching the outline of HEA’s STCP. You also did a fantastic job providing supplementary materials.

Community outreach is extensive and having key board members report their particular efforts shows a clear commitment to the principles of contributing to the local community.

Clear commitment to training of staff on safety, culture and the environment.

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atlantisadventures MAJESTIC large   The upperdeck dpi

We want to encourage increasing the percentage of locally produced goods on board your shuttle vessel.

Reuse of shipping container for maintenance facility very innovative.

Fantastic on-tour interpretation with the inclusion of both Hawaiian and English names, supplemented with your printed dive log.

Availability of educational materials to staff is very good.