Hawaiian Paddle Sports

“Your PRIVATE alternative for ocean activities on Maui” If going out on a large diesel burning boat isn’t your ideal way of experiencing Maui’s marine environment, perhaps we are! At Hawaiian Paddle Sports we’ll keep you away from the large crowds and thus not disturb the marine life we are visiting. Choose from SUP (Stand Up paddleboard), Ocean Kayaks or a Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe to get you there! We offer Surf Lessons also :)

Beach/Reef Clean Ups, Re-usable stainless steel water bottles rather than single use plastic bottles, “no touch” policy with all marine life, only offer Private tours- no large groups, Offer a Bio-degradeable sunblock on all tours. No “Reef Walker” shoes for surf lessons.

Hawaii Paddle Sports Certification Highlights

There is a clear commitment by your company to share both culture and ecology with guests. I loved the beginning of the tour, where they explained the HPS slogan on the shirts. I would recommend adding that slogan to your website and sharing it there too.

Great job reaching out to guests beforehand and telling them you have reef safe sunscreen for sale, or recommended having guests wear swim shirts. Also really nice how you provide reusable water bottles for guests to use while on tour.

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