Our Mission

To protect Hawaiʻi’s unique natural environment and host culture through the promotion of responsible travel and educational programs relating to sustainable tourism for residents, businesses and visitors.

Promoting Sustainable Tourism in Hawaiʻi

For over 25 years the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaiʻi has promoted sustainable tourism through innovative initiatives and programs aimed at protecting our natural and cultural resources.
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STAH’s Sustainable Tour Operator Certification Program is the only third-party tour certification in Hawaiʻi, and one of the only ones in the United States. The program supports tour operators spread across the state and promotes the adoption of a “Triple Bottom Line.” Certified operators uphold high standards of community involvement, environmental protection, and employee management. View a complete list of our Certified Sustainable Tour Operators .
Map of Sustainable Hawaii


STAH is a non-profit organization committed to diversifying Hawaiʻi’s travel industry and advocating for sustainable tourism and programs. We strive to educate visitors, businesses, and community members on the benefits of sustainable tourism for Hawaiʻi. In addition, we seek to serve as the conduit between the tourism industry and community-based conservation efforts.