Unique, Fun & Flexible Air Tours

For 20 years Paradise Helicopters has been working and creating special relationships within the communities they operate. These strong relationships allow them to provide guests with authentic cultural experiences in areas inaccessible any other way.

Providing unique and fun helicopter tours that immerse guests in the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Hawaii.


Guide was very knowledgeable about the geology, ecology, history, and culture of the areas we visited and made this accessible to guests.

Paradise’s carbon offset program with HLH is an innovative way to leave a lasting positive ecological footprint from the tour as well as educate guests about local environmental stewardship, restoration, and sustainability.

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Paradise Helicopters Overlooking Valley

Safety protocols were strictly adhered to.

Effort was made to increase altitude to reduce noise pollution from helicopters while passing over communities nearby the lava flow.

Transportation (helicopter and shuttle) was used efficiently (no unnecessary idling, full capacity, pickup only by request).

Use of composting toilet at landing site.

Work with communities and community organizations.