Road To Hana Tours

For almost 20 years, Valley Isle Excursions has been providing tours of Maui. Journey now with them on the incredible Road to Hana and into Haleakala National Park.

Enjoy a day full of incredible stories, great views and wonderful local guides.


Valley Isle Excursions comprehensive look at sustainability; understanding that you could use the large purchase of vehicles to get dealers to request from the manufacturer changes on all their vehicles.

The narration on the tour was top notch, with lots of information about both native Hawaiian culture and local flora & fauna.

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Innovative solutions such as the reworking of your ice machine, refinished flooring in base yard, decision to maintain vehicles show a willingness to go above and beyond the basics to achieve great levels of sustainability.

Great work using financial incentives to stimulate guide compliance with best practices for tour vehicle operations and safety.

We like the section of your website which explains your sustainability policy (with video).