Hawaii’s #1 Off Road Company

Kipu Ranch Adventures, located on the lush island of Kauai, is proud to be one of the top eco-tours in Hawaii. We enable visitors and residents alike to discover the rich history, landscape and legends that make Kauai activities unique.

You will be deeply moved by your experience of genuine Aloha, History and Tropical Adventure.


The information provided at the first stop is really good and should be replicated for other stops.

Maintenance of vehicles very good. Great to work with Kawasaki, an American company, to find the best and most efficient off-road vehicles possible. Chemicals/fluids in maintenance area off ground/properly stored with adequate signage.

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Kipu Ranch Adventures
Kipu Ranch Adventures2

Use of private land ensures that KRA does not degrade public spaces and reaps the benefits/impacts of maintaining the land they use

Guides knowledgeable about Risk Management plans. Safety clearly a top priority.

Giving out all natural bug repellant for social media check-ins.

Motions sensors on lights and energy efficient fixtures in place.

Uses eco-products as locally available.

Rotating guides, and their roles, allows them to continually learn from each other.