Tame by name, Wild by nature

Kauai Hiking Tours offers day hikes, backpacking trips and driving tours on the Hawaiian Island of Kaua’i. Our local guides are passionate about sharing their knowledge of “The Garden Isle” with aloha. We delight in consistently exceeding expectations, as we share a side of Kaua’i most people wouldn’t have dreamed possible.

Tours are custom designed to meet your needs & interests. We welcome adventurers of all ages & ability levels – several options of beginner, intermediate and advanced hikes are available. Step off the beaten track…

Enjoy a day full of incredible stories, great views and wonderful local guides.


Excellent environmental and cultural interpretation by guide. Tour was in-depth, informative, and fun. Guide was very knowledgeable and passionate, and held a host of certifications (including Wilderness First Responder).

Tour was catered to the needs of the group, pace was excellent for group, and interpretation (even demonstrations!) were weaved throughout. A truly personable and informative experience.

Excellent job providing environmentally friendly sunscreen and alternative forms of sun protection (e.g. hats). Gear was also provided to ensure that guests had the most comfortable and safe experience.

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The pre-trip briefing was very good, and I highly encourage that all guides are trained to use this same set up before trips begin. This set the stage for guests and set expectations.

Love the online blog posts and information that they provide.

Also great sustainability statement, not to mention it is prominently displayed on the website. Continue to create posts that really explore unique aspects about Hawaii’s terrestrial ecosystem and culture.

Good job in seeking to minimize waste and supporting local businesses (Little Fish Cafe in Hanapepe for lunch).