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Foundations & Societies

There are many important organizations that we partner with across the state, the country and the world.

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Green Travel Tips For Visitors To Hawaii

Below are some helpful hints travelers to Hawaii might want to keep in mind during their adventure to the islands, so that their ecological footprint on Hawaii will be minimal.

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Hawaii Ecotourism & Sustainable Travel Research

Learn about ecotourism and sustainability from respected experts in the field. Utilize our library to make sustainable travel and business decisions.


Tour Operator Resource Guide

Learn more about what you can do to be a sustainable traveler and for business owners, become a sustainable tourism service provider.

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Achieving Sustainable Tourism In Hawai’i Using A Sustainability Evaluation System

Movement toward sustainable tourism is a long-term goal that will require changes in the tourism sector that need to be outlined in a strategic sustainable tourism plan and implemented over the long term. According to Mak (2008), Hawai‘i does not have such a plan, and its absence will prevent the state from moving toward sustainable […]

Letter To STAH From The Govenor

E Malama – Original Ecotourism Manual For Hawaii