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Are We Loving Hawaii Too Much?
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Are We Loving Hawaii Too Much?

Take part in the bigger conversation with guests from HTA, DLNR and Haleakala National Park on Insight PBS Hawaii show as they talk about visitor numbers, reservations, tourism budgeting and safety.

Guests Included:

  • Natalie Gates – Superintendent, Haleakala National Park
  • Curt Cottrell – Administrator, Department of Land & Natural Resources
  • Kalani Ka’ana’ana – Cultural Affairs Director, Hawaii’i Tourism Authority


There are many views and opinions about managing the visitor numbers and their impact. Haleakala is instituting a reservation system which has been tried at other national parks. The state parks are following a similar path to that. HTA is focused on balancing the needs of the community and the businesses being supported by tourism industry. There are many with the state attributing their issues to having too few resources to manage what they have been charged to protect.

Watch the entire video and read the story at PBS Hawaii!

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