Our company offers multiple tours, how does certification work with that?

No, Evaluations are conducted on only one tour, with an emphasis on the tour that offers the most narrative along the way. Certification focuses mostly on management practices, the tour evaluation is conducted to ensure those practices are actually put into place. HOWEVER, if a company markets their different tours under different names, we do […]

What are the benefits of certification?

See our Benefits of Certification page for the most up to date list of benefits.

How long does it take to get certified?

Generally certification takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. Generally, the longest portion is the self-evaluation checklist. Many tour operators begin to see easy areas for improvement as they work through the checklist and therefore the time to complete varies. Once STAH receives a completed checklist, it is assigned to an Evaluator who will then schedule […]

Who can use the certification seal of approval?

Tour operators who complete the certification process and are awarded STAH’s seal of approval are eligible to use the seal for a two year period. They can also utilize the STAH logo too. After two years, the tour operator must complete re-certification or remove the seal from their marketing materials. To avoid Greenwashing, non-certified tour […]

Who is eligible for certification?

Tour operators principally engage in activities which involve guided excursions for the purpose of engaging Hawaii’s natural environment and/or cultural resources.

What is the cost of certification?

STAH charges a yearly re-certification fee based upon the size of your organization.  A $200 Certification Administration Fee for new certified operators is also taken. Tour operators must also host an Evaluator on one of their tours and for re-certifying operators provide 2-tickets for our Pono Traveler program. Finally, tour operators must remain current with […]

Who can join STAH’s Ohana (become a member)?

Anyone can! If you are a provider such as an ecotour operator or bed and breakfast operator you will join as a Business Member. If you support the principles of ecotourism and the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii, you can join as a Friends of STAH Member.  There are also categories for Student Members, Non-Profit/Government […]