Pono Traveler Program

The word “pono” generally translates to mean “to do what is right”. Our Pono Traveler program connects residents and visitors to our Certified Sustainable Tour Operators to ensure that companies and travelers embrace the values of traveling “pono”.

What Pono Travelers Do

Pono Travelers evaluate Certified Sustainable Tours for authenticity, quality of information, safety, & enjoyableness.

Pono Travelers are residents and visitors that essentially act as “secret shoppers” and participate in the recertification process of Certified Sustainable Tour Operators. Pono Travelers conduct evaluations of tour operators and provide constructive feedback from the perspective of a sustainably-minded traveler.

Become A Pono Traveler

Pono Traveler Evaluation and Reporting

Once confirmed, Pono Travelers complete the following steps:

  • Assigned to a tour operator and tour by the Program Manager

    Check out the tour details like a visitor.

  • Conducts a ride-along evaluation

    Go out on tour and enjoy yourself.