Hawaiian Paddle Sports

Experience the thrills of Maui’s refreshing waterfalls, breathtaking views, hidden hikes, lava flows, secluded tide pools, captivating history… at your own pace, and in style with a fully-licensed luxury SUV and a five-star rated company.

Unique Maui Tours has laid an excellent foundation for its new and growing company.


Operator has recognized the environmental impact of its carbon emissions and has taken significant steps to offset its carbon emissions. Operator used a carbon calculator to determine the emissions of each tour and currently plants 1 tree per tour (offsetting twice the carbon emissions of each tour). Operator is encouraged to continue this practice even as it grows and potentially adds more vehicles.

Operator has undertaken extensive natural and cultural resources training in addition to continuing education classes/training. Owner/guide Delphine is also a Certified Interpretive Guide through National Association for Interpretation. Hawaiian Language courses have been completed at UH Maui College. Extensive training demonstrates Operator’s initiative to go above and beyond in terms of both initial training and continuing education.

Operator has reference materials on hand and these are made available to guests during the tour. Included in reference materials were items from Maui Mauka Conservation Training and Place Names of Hawaii book. Continue to utilize these materials and other hands-on activities to engage audiences throughout tours.

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