What is Ecotourism?

The Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii defines ecotourism as nature and culture based tourism that is ecologically sustainable and supports the well being of local communities.

How do I find a STAH Certified tour operator in Hawaii?

On this website you will find the most comprehensive listings and information about legitimate ecotours and accommodations in Hawaii. You can research this site by using our search or the Travel Pono page to find activities based on island, keywords, and categories. Contact us and one our several specialists who will put together a package for […]

Why would I use STAH’s certified sustainable tourism operators versus those that are not certified?

To quote Carol Patterson’s Reinventure(R) monthly ezine, “Too often, North Americans resist spending money on a guided tour while on a domestic trip, preferring to lead themselves. Perhaps they want to save money or the environment seems too familiar to require an expert, but I’m convinced hiring a guide is the way to find the best […]

Why is sustainable travel popular?

A significant portion of the population are interested in traveling and learning on their holidays or vacations. Another portion of the population are also interested in being more sustainable, and in their travels seek out ecotourism or sustainable travel options.  That, and they enjoy outdoor activities in cleaner areas!