It frustrates me when I see big tour buses pilling visitors onto my favorite beach/hiking trail/etc. Doesn’t certification encourage more of this?

At STAH we do encourage visitors to travel with tour operators versus traveling on their own for a number of reasons: When visitors travel on their own, they do not get educated on how to interact with the area they are visiting, or what types of behaviors can cause issues. Tour operators can provide this […]

How does Certification help Hawaii’s environmental and cultural resources?

Since we require all our certified tour operators to provide fact based interpretation, all their tour participants learn about Hawaii’s unique environmental and cultural resources. Through this education, visitors learn how to travel pono and preserve the beauty of Hawaii for future generations.

Does the program encourages tour operators to buy and hire locally to keep profits within the State?

Yes! This is one of the points of emphasis and we work to find resources for tour operators to make this cost effective and practical.

What benefits are in it for residents?

As a part of certification, it is a minimum requirement for all tour operators to ANNUALLY participate in at least TWO community service projects AND TWO natural resource protection/restoration projects. Tour operators must demonstrate a commitment to serving Hawaii and the community in which they operate.

Who can join STAH’s Ohana (become a member)?

Anyone can! If you are a provider such as an ecotour operator or bed and breakfast operator you will join as a Business Member. If you support the principles of ecotourism and the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii, you can join as a Friends of STAH Member.  There are also categories for Student Members, Non-Profit/Government […]