Is there a market for this type of sustainable travel in the tourism industry?

There is a market for this type of sustainable travel, although it is not large.  Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii members are providing ecotours to Hawaii’s visitors daily.  If all of the more than 8 million visitors to Hawaii each year wanted to do ecotourism, however, we soon would not have anything left to see. […]

What are the benefits to this type of holiday / vacation?

The benefit of this type of holiday is that people are learning and experiencing topics, and seeing sites, that fit their interests.  A large pre-packaged tour can never be personalized because of the commercial nature of it.  The typical tour provider is more interested in the profit than in providing an unforgettable experience to the […]

Can you justify the price for this type of vacation / holiday to this destination?

In Hawaii we do not have ecotourism destinations, but rather have providers of day trip activities that focus on natural and cultural resources.  Because of the impact of many people on  the natural resources, most tours are for small groups of 10 to 15 passengers.  Day trips can run from less than $100 to $500 […]