I went on a tour that I thought was really good and they are not certified. What should I do?

Mentioning your positive experience with the company on social media and urge them to seek certification. Others may agree with you, which may be the encouragement the operator needs to seek certification. The cost of becoming certification is not excessive and STAH wants visitors to know about operators that are using best management practices to […]

Who is the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii and why are they qualified to certify tour operators?

STAH is a 401(c)3 educational non-profit who has served Hawaii for over 20 years. Our mission is to protect Hawaii’s unique natural environment and host culture through the promotion of responsible travel. The certification program was designed as a way to educate tour operators about best practices for tourism and to educate visitors about which […]

Why should I choose to travel with a certified tour operator?

When you travel with a certified tour operator the benefits are many! Enjoy more authentic and memorable experience by choosing a tour operator that cares to create these experiences for you Learn from highly trained tour guides who provide accurate insight about Hawaii’s unique culture and environment Feel secure knowing that you are traveling with […]

I’m considering an “Eco/Geen” tour, but they are not certified. What does this mean?

The certification fees for STAH are very low and the process is very inclusive, so it might be a red flag about greenwashing if the “eco” tour you are considering is not certified. The most current list of certified tour operators can be found on the Travel Pono page. Of course, plenty of great companies […]

Who can join STAH’s Ohana (become a member)?

Anyone can! If you are a provider such as an ecotour operator or bed and breakfast operator you will join as a Business Member. If you support the principles of ecotourism and the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii, you can join as a Friends of STAH Member.  There are also categories for Student Members, Non-Profit/Government […]