Environmentally Minded – Culturally Grounded

Holokino Hawaii is committed to our islands natural resources and culture and has been certified as a Sustainable Tour Operator by the Hawai‘i Ecotourism Association.

Hawaii’s Finest Canoe Sailing Adventure Tour.


Interpretation of environmental and cultural resources was top-notch. Very impressed with the depth and breadth of information, again related to both cultural and environmental resources, and particularly the knowledge of local resources. Hawaiian cultural values and history was woven throughout the tour in a very seamless – and engaging – manner. For example, looking back towards the valley and discussing the ahupua‘a system, fish ponds, and celestial navigation [just to name a few]. New guides are also chosen based on their experience, knowledge, and qualifications, and their passion for the place and what they do is evident.

Along with excellent interpretation and knowledge of the resource, the tour and guides truly upheld standards of authenticity. Was very impressed, especially given how new the tour is.

Really appreciated the in-depth discussion of local environmental issues and how it was connected to the tour.

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Holokino Hawaii
Austin From Holokino Speaks

Safety was a top priority and clearly discussed and demonstrated. Though a Hawaiian sailing canoe is going to be a new experience for the majority of guests, guides made passengers feel comfortable and relaxed.

Given the nature of the tour – operating from the beach, utilizing a sailing canoe, not using single-use plastics, etc. – the company has a very small environmental footprint. Operator is also very conscious of the surrounding resources and only runs tours at high tide when there is no chance that the vessel will come into contact with the reef. This is very commendable, and I encourage Holokino to maintain this environmental integrity as you continue to grow.

Appreciated the thought that was given to minimizing waste, for example investing in hats and rash guards that are known for being able to withstand the elements and last for a long time [minimizing how often they need to be replaced].

Overall the tour was very enjoyable and fun, but also informative and engaging. It truly made a lasting impression.

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